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Regenesis is a grassroots environmental and community organization founded in 2007 by students. We believe in empowering students as initiators of change in addressing today’s social and environmental concerns, through advocacy and service in local chapters. We focus on real, comprehensive and practical initiatives and programs to make our campuses and our communities more sustainable places. Our vision is to create an interconnected network that engages both the university community and wider communities to establish environmental and community initiatives on the foundation of ‘just’ sustainability, which is defined as: “the need to ensure a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, while living within the limits of supporting ecosystems”.
Regenesis was started in April 2007 by a group of young people from the Toronto area. We wanted to create an organization where we could provide the tools for anyone to make a difference in their community. We wanted to empower people as being fully capable of creating and sustaining projects related to environmental sustainability, community-building and social justice. We established Regenesis as a grassroots organization, one where everyone in the organization had a say as to the direction and initiatives of the organization. We decided on a structure that allowed anyone to pursue the creation of initiatives or programs, with a focus on their long-term sustainability. Since our creation, thousands of volunteer hours have been dedicated to dozens of community initiatives created by our chapters.
Chapters – Regenesis is based around our local university and college chapters. We believe that lasting environmental change starts with young people. Working on campuses and in local communities, in collaboration with others, we design, plan, facilitate and operate initiatives and programs.

Grassroots Structure – We affirm that mobilization cannot occur without the organization of a diversity of individuals, each contributing their unique skills, perspective and experience to the collective aims.  To this end, our organization is structured for collective decision-making from the ground up.  Any individual may propose a program or initiative related to environmental sustainability or social justice.


Note: Initiatives are marked as: in development (D), coming soon (CS) and operational (O).


Equitable access to healthy, local and organic food is crucial to achieving sustainability. Regenesis supports diverse and equitable food access and sustainable food production through our programs and initiatives.  

Initiatives in this category:

Glendon Community Garden – CS, York

NOM! Natural and Organic Market – CS, Toronto

YorkU Community Kitchen – D, York

YorkU Fair Trade Boardgames Cafe – D, York

YorkU Organic Grocery Co-op – D, York

YUM! Farmers’ Market – O, York

Cycling and Walking

Cycling and walking are sustainable forms of transportation that also promote health, fitness and an increased quality of life.  Regenesis actively engages in programming and initiatives that support cycling and walking.  

Initiatives in this category:

Cycle York – O, York

Jack’s Community Bike Repair Shop – CS, York

YorkU Bike Share – D, York

Social Justice

Regenesis believes that sustainability and social justice are evidently bound together.  We achieve social justice through initiatives and programs that address the issues underlying poverty and inequity.  Many of our social justice initiatives and programs promote the use of alternative economics in achieving our mission, including the gift and sharing economies, reusing, repairing and upcycling.  

Initiatives in this category:

Toronto Borrowing Centre – D, Toronto

YorkU Borrowing Centre – D, York

YorkU Eco-housing – D, York

YorkU Free Store – O, York

The Arts

Regenesis supports the arts through the lens of sustainability, social justice and equity.  Our involvement with local arts focuses on educational and awareness activities related to our mission.  

Initiatives in this category:

Black Creek ArtPath and Bridge – D, York

Community Arts Gallery – D, York

Ryerson Green Artisan Market – O, Ryerson

Urban Renewal and Conservation

Regenesis believes that all citizens have a right to the city, having access to vibrant, safe and sustainable urban spaces.  Regenesis is involved in ecological conservation and restoration work, primarily in urban environs, along with revitalizing and transforming underutilized urban places into sustainable spaces.  

Initiatives in this category:

Glendon Forest Revitalization – D, York


Regenesis regularly engages in sustainability education events and programming.  We believe that education and praxis is essential for creating active and engaged citizens who recognize the importance of living in a sustainable manner and the collective impact we have on our biosphere.  Our works extends to university students, local elementary and high school students, and members of the wider community.  



July  2015



Regenesis and its chapters commonly engage in research related to the communities we serve.  Our research ranges from the local and regional, to research that is national or global in scope.  Our research covers a broad scope of activities, including information gathering, surveying, data collection, and writing reports.

International/National Research Projects

  • Canadian On-Campus Environmental and Social Justice Initiatives (2014)
  • North American Activist, DIY and Collective Space (2012)
  • North American Intentional Communities (2014)

Local Research Projects

  • Ryerson University (Toronto, ON)
  • University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)
  • York University (Toronto, ON)
    • Filling a Local Transportation Gap: Planning for a Cycling Future at York University (March, 2014)

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Volunteers are critical to the success of our projects. We would love to have you get involved with us! Besides the tasks offered on our Volunteer Task Board that you can just go ahead and do, we also offer numerous volunteer positions. Adjacent is a list of all our volunteer positions. Positions are often split between two people (e.g. co-coordinators), and additional volunteers may be available to assist with certain tasks or aspects of the position. Some of the positions below may be currently filled, but there are frequent openings, so please get in touch with us!

Regular Positions

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Assistant Executive

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Support Coordinator

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Vice-President Treasurer

Volunteer Task Board

We have embarked on a new approach of engaging with volunteers who are self-motivated and work independently. Below you will find a list of volunteer tasks that anyone willing may work on. Just email us with your completed work. Email all completed work to: info@regenes.is Tasks are categorized by skill-set or area of interest:

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