No matter the weather or time of year, York is home to many die-hard cyclists who use bicycles as their preferred transportation option. Also, York is filled with cycling aficionados of all ages, who, if given the opportunity, would love to get around campus on a bike for both fun and fitness! If that sounds like you, we’re here to support you! Bike 2 York was a club that joined with Regenesis in 2009, and asked us to carry on their vision. We’re currently trying to establish a bike shop at Keele Campus, as well as implement a bike rental system on both campuses. Our plan includes increasing bike infrastructure (both marked trails and bikes to rent), as was as placing bike lockers on both campuses. Our goal is to build a cycling culture at York and getting the campus involved on both a recreational and competitive level. In 2013, the project was renamed the York Cycling Association.