York University Borrowing Centre is an initiative that will educate young people on collaborative consumption that maximizes the value of in-demand everyday items, especially those that we have already invested great energy and resources to produce, and reduces overconsumption and depletion of natural resources.  The Borrowing Centre strives to reduce financial barriers to the community members to high-cost one-time use items and to encourage re-use of items laying idle in our households. 

If you have an underused item in good condition at your house or office, consider donating it to the Borrowing Centre. You can schedule a drop-off at our Keele Campus office or arrange a pick up for a larger item. Please email info@regenes.is if you’d like to support this initiative.


Board Games

Card Games

Audio/Video Equipment

Foldable Tables / Chairs

Inflatable Mattress

Kitchen Appliances

Sport Equipment

Household Tools

Moving Cart

Sewing Machine

Sewing Accessories



 list of tool-lending libraries (International)

 list of toy library locations (United States)

list of possible items for a borrowing centre