Pay-as-you-can community cafés and restaurants (aka community cafés, community restaurants, PWYC cafés) are a relatively new concept, allowing people to pay what they are willing or can afford for a meal.  The odd restaurant or café using this pay model can be found all over the world.  Well-known examples include Just Around The Corner in London, UK and Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, New Jersey.  This pay model, under the right conditions, has been proven to be financially successful (Chen, Koenigsberg & Zhang, 2009, 21-22).  While the pay model has existed for some time, its use to alleviate hunger as a business model and as a movement is new, formulated in 2003 by the Salt Lake City, Utah based One World Café and their nonprofit organization One World Everybody Eats.   The model is quickly spreading with places already created, such as Denver’s SAME Café, or in the works in cities such as Baltimore, St. Louis and Toronto.