Free Meeting Space Finder • UPDATED: JAN 2013 • STATUS: ONGOING

We are creating a directory of spaces, including churches, labour halls and social centres, that are willing to provide free meeting space for community and activists groups in North America.  Assistance is required with contacting these spaces to request assistance.  To assist you, we have completed a sample email for you to use when contacting these spaces, along with directories where you can find the contact information needed.  For more detailed instructions, please download:


sample email


[US + Canada] Metropolitan Community Church:

[US] Unitarian Universalist Directory:

[US] United Church of Christ:

[Canada] Canadian Unitarian Directory: (completed [June 2012])

[Canada] Religious Society of Friends (Quakers): (completed [June 2012])

[Canada] United Church of Canada Directory:  (SEARCH: Congregations)

Toronto, Ontario congregations (completed [May 2012])