Grant MacEwan University
Location:10700 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4S2

Size of student body: 43,064 (2010)


Sustainability Office

The office of sustainability was established in 2009 and uses the Campus Sustainable Plan as its main goal. Campus Sustainable Plan includes a framework which addresses the university’s sustainable goals and performances. The plan details the actions and steps to achieve and reach the goals. The plan is developed by extensive campus-wide consultation which includes the MacEwan Students’ Association. This office is composed of faculty, staff and students.


Environmental/Social Justice Student Clubs

Name of Club: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Physical Address: 1536 Wynkoop St., Suite 100, Denver CO 80202, Philedelphia.
Mailing Address (if different)
Type of Club: A university-specific broad environmental student club

Name of club:Friends of CEIBA (CCC) 

Friends of Ceiba empowers MacEwan students to become stronger global citizens through community exchange and education. Students will have opportunities to connect with others who are passionate about community involvement, learn about local and global issues, educate other MacEwan students, as well as educating the broader Edmonton community.

Name of Club: NDP Club 

This is a social action club. The purpose of this club is to encourage voting among MacEwan Students and to promote the ideals of social democracy.

Name of Club: Sociology/Social Justice Group 

The connection that draws members of this group together is compassion for other human beings.  We don’t look down on others, or pity them, but believe that everyone is equal, deserves respect and no one deserves to suffer. MacEwan student group

 Name of Club: Sustainable MacEwan 

Sustainable MacEwan aims to engage MacEwan University students, staff, faculty, and community members in fostering the integration of knowledge and issues related to sustainability into our university’s education, operations, and planning processes. This club shall provide members to experience sustainability through an active learning process, allowing members o develop skills needed to become agents of the change in their communities.




Name of Initiative
Physical Address
Mailing Address (if different)
Type of Initiative:  (example: DIY Bike Repair Shop, Free Stores, Infoshops, Student-Run Cafe [include if they are a specific kind of cafe, such as vegan/vegetarian, PWYC cafes, organic cafes, etc], etc.)
Ideology/Affiliation: (if applicable)   example: OPIRG, Regenesis, etc.
Model: (if applicable)  example: worker co-op, student-managed organization, etc.
Founded: (if known)
Funding: (if applicable)
Facebook (if applicable)
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Sustainability Office Funding, Student-Club Funding, Student-Union Funding,
fixed funding for student organizations (such as at Wilfred Laurier),
Student-levies (include amounts given to each applicable group/initiative; how to go about running a levy, what can levies fund, what restrictions are on levies [e.g. some universities forbid any funding going to external organizations], the varying amounts of levies, etc.)