HEC Montréal
Location: 3000 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, QC H3T 2A7
Size of student body: 12,252 (2010)


Sustainability Office

In order to make the HEC Montreal always greener campus, the Campus Sustainability Committee was born this year (2013). Its mission is to implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of the campus and introduce sustainable habits among students. For the coming year, major projects will be the introduction of compost bins, checking life cycle of waste and energy saving regulation of air conditioning and lighting.
Dany Bouchard Project Coordinator Sustainable Campus 2013-2014 Email: dany.bouchard @ hec.ca LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/pub/dany-bouchard/81 / 906/882 /


Environmental/Social Justice Student Clubs

Name of Club: Humani-Terre
The HumaniTERRE Group is a Non-Profit Organization, a student association. This organization focuses on educating students, faculty, staff and the community about social responsibility by promoting fair trade and micro development, better resource management, and environmental integration of social consciousness in business
Address: Local RJ 861
3000 Côte-Sainte-Catherine,
Montreal, Quebec H3T 2A7
Contact: humaniterre@hec.ca
Phone: (514) 972 8367
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groupe.humaniterre



Name of Initiative: Semaine de l’Environnment – (Environment Week) 
Environment Week, with the theme, green roofs and urban agriculture for this year. Also carried this initiative in 2010 and 2011.

Name of Initiative: Simulation Interuniversitaire Carbon Exchange
Simulation Stop Carbon Emissions is in itself a simulation of a meeting discussing and voting on the establishment of a global market, and the actual simulation of a carbon exchange where the different actors involved in market transactions . Participants represented by a company or government to defend its interests in the context of the adoption of a global market by offering amendments to six basic propositions. Simulation, that blends leadership, negotiation and initiative will only highlight your most ethical values. This event was held last year also (2012).

Name of Initiative: La semaine des déchets électroniques (The Week of Electronic Waste)
94.8 pounds of electronic waste were recovered during the 2012 Electronic Waste Week! For the rest of the year, the electronic recycling bin is the ground-garden flag Côte Ste-Catherine, near the microwave cafeteria, as well as Decelles, opposite the Registrar.

Those three initiatives were held by the Environmental Commitee
Contact Maryne Drouet Coordinator Environment Committee 2013-2014 Email: maryne.drouet @ hec.ca
Website: http://www.groupe-humaniterre.com/environnement.html

Name of Initiative: The Breakfast Conference
Conferences held to discuss the issue on fair trade and business strategies to help developing countries in contributing to sustainable development
Initiative done by the Micro Credit and Fair Trade Commitee of Humani-Terre
Contact: Morgann Conzalez- EMC Coordinator, morgann.gonzalez @ hec.ca
Website: http://www.groupe-humaniterre.com/commerce-eacutequitable–micro-creacutedit.html

Name of Initiative: Parade Ethics 
Contact: Elodie Belo, elodie.belo @ hec.ca

Name of Initiative: FESoR
This event was an opportunity to create a dialogue between companies (small businesses, SMEs, MNCs) and students of all levels , teachers and staff to show that the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has become an economic reality and that it is possible to reconcile the market economy and the collective consciousness. Initiative ran by the Committee of Social Consciousness Affairs in Humani-Terre.
Contact: Antoine Revaillard, CSA Coordinator, antoine.reveillard @ hec.ca
Website: http://www.groupe-humaniterre.com/conscience-sociale-en-affaires.html







Student Associations Funding:
Associations and interest groups recognized by HEC Montréal can make a financing request to the School in order to help them carry out their projects and activities. Thanks to the Fondation HEC Montréal, which maintains privileged ties with HEC Montréal graduates and corporations, and to the “Fonds Leadership”, the School can contribute financially towards the execution of student projects and activities.