Regenesis and its chapters commonly engage in research related to the communities we serve.  Our research ranges from the local and regional, to research that is national or global in scope.  Our research covers a broad scope of activities, including information gathering, surveying, data collection, and writing reports.

Below is a list of on-going, current and past research activities:

On-Going Research
• North American Activist, DIY and Collective Space Directory

• Canadian Intentional Community Directory

• Fluoridated Municipalities in Canada

• MindF*ck Documentary Film Guide

Research Papers
• Bike-Share Network for York University and surrounding communities – Completion Date: April 2015
• Student-involved Campus Sustainability and Social Justice across Canada – Completion Date: April 2014
• Toronto Ecovillage Project Business Plan – Completion Date: April 2014
• Filling a Local Transportation Gap: Planning for a Cycling Future at York University – Completion Date: March 2014
• Glendon Forest Restoration Plan – Completion Date: April 2012
• Glendon Community Skating Rink Feasibility Study – Completion Date: April 2012
• York Community Farmer’s Market Feasibility Study – Completion Date: April 2012
• Toronto Ecovillage Project Feasibility Study – Completion Date: September 2010