Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Location: 555 Boulevard Université, Chicoutimi, QC G7H 2B
Size of student body:  6,500 (2010)


Sustainability Office

Established in November 2003, the Chair on Eco-Board’s primary mandate is to support the development of eco-consultant business, its relevance in the implementation of sustainable development projects and the need to establish the theoretical foundations related to the practice of the profession to ensure the implementation and long-term success in our society. The specific areas of expertise developed in the pulpit are in the field of management of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation of climate change, waste management and the development of sustainable development analysis tools.

The research program focuses on practical advice and eco-sustainability. The various activities of the Chair favor maintaining and expanding the network of eco-consultants in the world.

Bridges can be thrown to other university graduate programs where the skills of eco-advisor may be supplemented by training in research and production of new knowledge. The Chair will also maintain links with UNESCO and the major international programs that feed the debate on sustainable development

Holder: Claude Villeneuve

Phone: 418 545-5011 ext 5059
website: http://ecoconseil.uqac.ca/

Chair in Eco-Board
University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
555, boulevard de l’Université
Chicoutimi (Quebec)
Canada G7H 2B1
Phone: 418-545-5011 * 2468
Fax: 418-615-1203
Email: ecoconseil@uqac.ca


Environmental/Social Justice Student Clubs

Name of Club: Environmental Commitee of UQAC




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The Special Monetary Fund (FMS) was established pursuant to a resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the MAGE-UQAC April 15, 1998. A contribution of $ 2.50 per student, per session, increased to $ 3.50 in 2004, allows the special Monetary Fund to make grants to a number of student projects. Originally reserved for housekeeping students premises for the payment of “volunteers” at parties offered by the executive of MAGE-UQAC, the student festival for grants for the organization of student activities time or recurring and for all that the Central Council asked the Special Monetary Fund now offers grants to projects within one of its 11 components.