Université Laval
Location: 2325 Rue de l’Université, Quebec City, QC G1V 0A6
Size of student body: 52,300 (2007)


Sustainability Office

Founded in 2007, Sustainable Development office implements  a structured approach that brings the entire university community on the shared vision of sustainable development. Sustainable Development Issue Table: this 22-member body made up of students, staff, and community partners helps implement our vision, objectives, and strategies within the university community.
A list of sustainable initiatives:
Email: Webmestre@ulaval.ca
On Earth day a transactional Internet site has been launched to promote the exchange of equipment and furniture between units: www.entrepot.ulaval.ca. The service will encourage responsible consumption.
Contact: bienexcedentaire@si.ulaval.ca


Environmental/Social Justice Student Clubs

List of Clubs: http://www2.ulaval.ca/etudiants-ul.html#_c144385

Name of Club: Amnesty International
The mission of Amnesty International group at Laval University is to promote the AI ​​group and the importance of human rights within the university, but also in the population. Our mission is to inform, but also raise awareness of the protection of these rights.
Email: amnistie.internationale@asso.ulaval.ca, Sabrina Zouaghi

Name of Club: Cinema Politica Association of Laval University
Cinema Politica is: promoting independent films of a political nature and art as a source of commitment, inspiration and social transformation. Above all, it is an international network of film clubs that organizes free screenings of documentaries.
Email: cinemapolitica@asso.ulaval.ca, Marie-Laurence Rancourt

Name of Club: Vegetarian and Vegan Association of Laval University
The Vegetarian and Vegan Association of Laval University’s main mission is to promote the vegetarian as well as awareness of the university community lifestyle when issues related to food health, ethical and environmental.
Email: www.avege-ulaval.blogspot.com, Cassandra Arnould

Name of Club: Avocats Sans Frontières – Université Laval (Lawyers without Borders)
Email: presidence@asfulaval.ca, Gabrielle Saint-Martin-Deaudelin

Name of Club: Feminist movement of the Laval University
Email: femulaval@gmail.com, Milene Lokrou and Catherine Plouffe Jette
Facebook: www.facebook.com/femulaval

Name of Club: Gay group at Laval University
The GGUL strives to promote sexual diversity. Open to people of any orientation, gender identity and gender, student (s) or not, it organizes social, cultural and educational activities and take part in events to raise awareness.
Email: ggul@public.ulaval.ca, Nicolas Saucier
Website: www.ggul.org

Name of Club: Engineers Without Borders Canada – Section Laval University
Email: ulaval@ewb.ca, Lucas Marcotte and William Tremblay
Website: www.ewb.ca

Name of Club: Oxfam-Québec Université Laval
Email: oxfamulaval@hotmail.com, Amy Bernier-Desmarais
Website: www.oxfam.qc.ca



Not Available


Sustainable Development Fund
With a budget of $2 million spread over five years, this fund encourages sustainable development initiatives and concrete action within the university community.