University of Lethbridge
Location:4401 University Dr W, Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4
Size of student body: 9,150 (2011)


Sustainability Office

Sustainability office:

The Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future asserts that “universities have a major role in the education, research, policy formation, and information exchange necessary” to address sustainability (Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future, 1994). Addressing sustainability will require new solutions, new knowledge, and new, holistic ways of thinking. As a university we are well positioned to provide these things. And through teaching we can inspire future leadership in sustainability.


Environmental/Social Justice Student Clubs

Name of Club: LEED
Type of Club: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an internationally recognized rating system used to judge the environmental performance of buildings.
– uses 70 criteras to measure how a project meets different environmental standards estabilished by the Canada green building council.
– Every project must be applied to for LEED status
– Three buildings at the University of Lethbridge hold Silver LEED status. The 1st Choice Saving Centre, the Alberta Water and Environmental ScienceBuilding and Markin Hall.



Name of Initiative: Benches
– part of the PE Building Renovation project, new benches were installed. They are made from salvaged wood from the old hand rails that used to adorn the wall along the PE stairwell
– a sustainable initiative from the faculties project management office
– recycled wood used to make these new benches in many parts of the university

Name of Initiative: Stormwater Management
– the parking lot redevelopment project installed a storm water management and drainage system
– 2 year project, still on going but first year was completed this year (2013)
– The design collects rain water into landscaped biowales which helps remove sediments before the water is released into sewer system and into the rivers
– Project was recognized by the city of Lethbridge for its environmental friendly and sustainable design
– Got a City Green List Award

Name of Initiative: Composting
– caretaking department collects composts, (800 gallons per month, approx.)
– the grounds department also uses this broken down compost for its various initiatives
– earned a green list award in 2011



Sustainability Office Funding, Student-Club Funding, Student-Union Funding,
fixed funding for student organizations (such as at Wilfred Laurier),
Student-levies (include amounts given to each applicable group/initiative; how to go about running a levy, what can levies fund, what restrictions are on levies [e.g. some universities forbid any funding going to external organizations], the varying amounts of levies, etc.)