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What is Regenesis? What is Regenesis @ York?

Regenesis is a grassroots environmental, social justice and humanitarian organization. We believe that a healthy planet and a healthy society are mutually dependent. Our ultimate goal is a fulfilling and sustainable living for all, so that our actions no longer tip the balance of the global ecosystem. In order to achieve this, we focus on real, comprehensive and practical solutions to today’s social and environmental concerns.

Here at Regenesis @ York, our goal is solving issues that affect all of York University, on both its campuses! From forests to gardens, bikes to community animation, and education to food, we are hard at work to make OUR Community a better place!

What does Regenesis @ York do?

Regenesis @ York operates on a project by project basis. Members of the York community bring issues/ideas to us, and we study the issue. If our team is able to, we then take action to make their dreams a reality.

How is Regenesis @ York different?

Most groups on campus that deal with students come from one of two perspectives – club or administrative. While club involvement is extremely rewarding, club activities are usually social or just seek to raise awareness of an issue – they don’t really have any stake in solving the issue. Meanwhile, while university administrators listen to student issues, they are often hobbled by the fact students don’t know how to create the sort of plans that busy administrators can work with. Plus, interested students rarely stay the same from year to year.

Regenesis @ York is seeks to bridge the student-administrative divide, and in doing so, bringing real change to our community. Working with students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders, we translate our projects and programs into a format and language that York administrators are able to engage with over the long term. This way we create real, long lasting change in our community. That’s the Regenesis @ York difference.

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