Michael’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice is due largely in part to his mother, who raised him as a single parent and got him involved in volunteering at a young age. Throughout his academic and professional career he’s been an advocate for student needs on campus, promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyles and student extra-curricular involvement. Michael has presented at international and national conferences on issues relating to education and sustainability. He has over a decade of experience in positions of leadership and management, serving as an Executive Director, President, Board Member and Office Manager for various organizations. Michael has been the recipient of over 20 awards and scholarships for his professional and academic work.  Michael is currently completing his PhD in Education.



Tatiana first got involved with Regenesis as a volunteer when completing her honours degree in Health Management at York University. As a student, she’d written papers on environment as a determinant of health and in support of the precautionary approach to health risk management and wanted to put her knowledge into action. She started volunteering as a Fundraising Assistant, getting promoted to a Fundraising Director, and after a couple of years she was thrilled to be offered an opportunity to assume the Assistant Director position. Since then, Tatiana has been successfully working on securing financial support for Regenesis’s initiatives, while maintaining a volunteer recruitment and development program. She is a people person, equally passionate about working with both donors to build a relationship with them and youth to foster their skills growth and social awareness.


Bing holds a BA in Geography and Urban Studies from York University. He became involved with the organization as a student after becoming interested in social and environmental activism. Bing has been instrumental to the development of most initiatives at Regenesis. He directly oversees evaluation and annual reporting.


Shadiya (BES Hon’16, York University) is in charge of all communications and event management at Regenesis. She is a spoken word artist & activist, and she has extensive experience within the arts and political activist communities in Toronto and celebrates and fights for social justice issues revolving sustainability, Islamophobia, immigration and Indigenous rights. She has helped organize events and campaigns with Access 2 Clean Water, Natural Law, Black Lives Matter and Warm Hearts TO. Her poetry has been showcased on CBC, The Regent Park Film Festival, 416RISE and Muslim Fest. During her undergrad at York University, she was an avid peer mentor to first year students and had a seat on the university's Board of Governors, as well as the student representative round table, where she was able to raise the voice of students.